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Welcome & Overview
Don Brundage Intergraph PP&M
EPC Project Execution with Technology Linkages:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Project Execution in the EPC world has always used technology in some form. If we look at the 1980s through the 1990s and beyond, we more or less mimicked what we were doing manually using computers. In 2000 and until now we added some intelligence like referential data and interrelationships. The key is what kind of step change we expect in 2020 and beyond. The projects are becoming complex and global locations of the plants are being designed and built by geographically dispersed teams. What kind of project execution techniques and technologies do we anticipate to support faster, cheaper, safer, and better design and construction? It will be VR, AR, AI, ES, and many other TLAs (two or three-letter-acronyms). The possibilities are unlimited but only some approaches will make sense and what we would be able to deploy effectively. This presentation will address all these aspects.
Ashish Shah Fluor
The Technology Roadmap of Tomorrow

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine is investing for the future – even in this new energy environment of reduced capital expenditures. In this keynote session, Patrick will provide a view of the Intergraph technology roadmap and how Intergraph solutions will continue to support our clients improving project execution and engineering efficiency to reduce operating costs. Attendees will also hear about recent client advances and futuristic possibilities in augmented reality, wearable tech, and more.
Patrick Holcomb Intergraph PP&M
9:30am Break/Technology Expo  
Jacobs Next Generation of Project Delivery

Jacobs has improved our project delivery capabilities from primarily document-centric to a datacentric mindset. We have adopted Intergraph’s SmartPlant® suite of applications to accomplish a significant portion of this transformation. Through an integrated approach of SmartPlant® P&ID, SmartPlant® Instrumentation, Intergraph Smart™ 3D, SmartPlant® Foundation, and SmartPlant® Reference Data we will be able to efficiently collaborate across the platform and ensure that engineering development is in sync across disciplines.

Jacobs has committed to providing an environment which fosters Global Integrated Delivery, efficient and effective work processes, and deployment of technology to leverage our workforce to accomplish more with less and provide higher quality services. Learn how streamlined engineering will accelerate your capital cost-estimating capabilities, enable Advance Work Packaging, and shorten schedules.
Michael Van Swol Jacobs
Design Reuse in SmartPlant® Electrical

The ability to reuse or replicate the design of previous projects and legacy data is becoming a key factor in fast track projects. Designers in both EPC’s and Owner Operators are looking for better and
more efficient ways of utilizing previous designs. In this session, we will explore SmartPlant Electrical’s various powerful design reuse capabilities to cut project man-hours without compromising design
quality and accuracy. We will also show how Owner Operators can shorten and cut costs and easily improve legacy drawings in data migration projects.
Meir Stein Intergraph PP&M
12:00pm Lunch/Technology Expo  
Advantages of GT STRUDL® & CAESAR II® for Structural Analysis: Round-tripping for Intergraph Smart™ 3D

Come join a discussion to understand why companies are changing the status quo in their engineering work processes and ending up with more efficient and safer designs, better coordinated projects,
fewer construction change orders, and more satisfied clients. We will discuss not only what technology can do to open the flow of information between engineering and design but also how you
can control information flow.
Geoff Blumber Intergraph PP&M
Why E&S in Operations?

With facility information trust is everything. Mountains of documents means exhaustive searches, field verification, and poor confidence in the current information. Operating companies when faced with an ever increasing demand to meet safety and environmental regulations, need a step change. Our engineering & schematics solutions provide the vehicle for operations to move from volumes of documents to a data-centric space.
Dan Williams Intergraph PP&M
2:45pm Break/Technology Expo  
Intelligent Cable Routing Using SmartPlant® Electrical,SmartPlant® Instrumentation & Intergraph Smart™ 3D

Learn about the latest features and benefits in Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and SmartPlant Electrical around Cable Routing and Cable Integration. Learn about our unique iteractive design work process that can be applied from FEED thru Construction that improves quality and provides costs savings with accurate Cable Routing Deliverables and MTO.
Tom Szoka Intergraph PP&M
Product Updates: Intergraph Smart™ 3D, SmartPlant® Review, SmartPlant® Reference Data and More

This session will highlight the latest and upcoming features in Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant Review, SmartPlant Interop Publisher, and SmartPlant Reference Data. Intergraph experts will discuss the business and technical benefits offered in each product. Attendees will get an overview on how to improve their 3D design and visualization workflows to take full advantage of the latest software and upcoming releases.
Tom Szoka Intergraph PP&M
SmartPlant® Materials Technical Users Forum

Project owners are increasingly expecting and even mandating the adoption of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) on their capital projects. Meanwhile, major EPCs and contractors are ramping up their capabilities in AWP in order to gain competitive advantages in capability and pricing. This is in large part due to the fact that AWP has been statistically validated to directly result in substantial gains in key performance metrics of cost, schedule, quality and safety. Delivering construction project execution through the use of digital models leveraged into SmartPlant Construction (SPC) just makes good business sense. These trends will be discussed and documented on a global basis with and without the formal use of the term AWP. How SPC enables AWP will be highlighted and explored in support of this market trends.
Moderator: Marcelo Joaquim
Intergraph PP&M
12:00pm Lunch/Technology Expo  
Intergraph Smart™ Materials Mobile Scan

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Scan is a mobile application that is fully embedded in SmartPlant® Materials. It enables barcode and RFID tag scanning in and out of the yard and helps eliminate delays and errors in inventory control. In this session you will learn about the work processes covered by the Mobile Scan application.
Marcelo Joaquim Intergraph PP&M
Streamlined Pipe Spools Work Preparation at Fabricators: A Real Case Scenario

Join this session to learn more on how pipe spools are fabricated and why Excel® is not the best way to manage your fabrication process. During this session we will provide you with a real customer case where an 80 percent reduction in work preparation was achieved using barcoding and Intergraph Smart™ Production instead of traditional Excel spreadsheets. Other benefits including an improved material supply chain as well as integration with weld quality management will be explained.
Davide Guzzi Intergraph PP&M
2:45pm Break/Technology Expo  
Product Updates: SmartPlant® Materials Supplier Portal Leveraging the Supplier Communication

When it comes to SmartPlant Materials, Intergraph’s latest strategies are focused on how third party companies – including suppliers and subcontractors can be a valuable part of your materials supply chain by minimizing manual work and improving the quality of data. With the updated Supplier Portal, your supplier and subcontractor can participate in your materials management supply chain by providing addresses, contacts, materials info, bid information, etc., directly through a web interface. In this session you will learn about the latest on Integraph’s Supplier Portal and ask questions of product experts.
Michael Buss& Marcelo Joaquim
Intergraph PP&M
Advanced Work Packaging with Intergraph Tools: Why SmartPlant® Construction?

Marcelo Joaquim, Executive Process Consultant, Intergraph PP&M
Ted Blackmon Construct-X
Building the Business Case for Better Operations

The value equation supporting SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) can be complex and elusive. This presentation will discuss how to build a realistic and compelling business case to put before the CFO and operations management that defends the investment in Intergraph SPO systems
Jaclyn Arnold Intergraph PP&M
12:00pm Lunch/Technology Expo  
Capturing and Using Legacy Information Within the Facility

Building on the previous presentation about ‘why’ asset information is critical and strategic to plant engineering and operational efficiency, this presentation details ‘what’ are the things that owner operators should consider. EPC companies might also find this of interest as Intergraph has seen EPCs grow business around helping owner operators capture, cleanse, synchronize, and share strategic master data with operational systems particularly during these quiet times.
Mac McGarrigle Intergraph PP&M
Extending Value of the Digital Asset Into Operations

This session will discuss how owners can define effective and workable handover specifications from internal CAPEX operations (using both document-centric or data-centric tools and methods) as well as contractors who use both document-centric and data-centric tools and execution methodologies. The goal is to obtain the best possible body of information to support a solid facility management information system.
Stefan Ceulemans& Ted Woodrow Intergraph PP&M
2:45pm Break/Technology Expo  
Facility Information Management - Today & Tomorrow

Focusing on what is possible now, coupled with how facility information management technology will enable management, operations, and maintenance well into the future, this session will support strategic thinking and planning to bring all the sessions together into a working technology adoption plan for owner operators.
Stefan Ceulemans& Ted Woodrow Intergraph PP&M
Product Updates: SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO)

Check out the latest enhancements, features and functionality for the SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) product suite.
Brad Broughton Intergraph PP&M
Integrated Construction Execution

This session will highlight the latest technologies for Integrated Construction Execution. Topics will include why project controls are critical in today’s market, how technology has enabled today’s mobile worker, and how these new enhancements are creating tangible value within customer organizations.
Neely Hemassi EcoSys
Michael Buss Intergraph PP&M
12:00pm Lunch/Technology Expo  
Project Controls for Owner Operators

This session will focus on the challenges owners and operators face as they seek to execute projects on time and within budget and how EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls) can help them mitigate the key factors that cause changes to project schedules and budgets – from insufficient detail during the planning stage, to changes in asset scoping/specifications, and unforeseen contractor and supplier constraints.
Angie Molter EcoSys
Project Controls for Engineering, Procurement & Construction

This session will focus on the unique challenges EPC firms face and include a live demo of EcoSys EPC to show how project controls can help manage gross margins and drive profitability for EPC projects regardless of contract type.
Mark White EcoSys
2:45pm Break/Technology Expo  
Customer Case Study: Gulf Interstate Engineering Enterprise Planning and Controls for the Oil & Gas Engineering Services

Gulf Interstate Engineering (GIE) specializes in the project management and engineering of pipeline systems including cross country pipelines, gathering systems, production facilities, pump and compressor stations, storage terminals, and loading facilities. Gulf will begin by presenting their business case for migrating to an enterprise project controls system; it will delve into detail on its implementation and migration experience and provide insight into GIE’s specific uses of EcoSys including milestone-based progress reporting, construction progress tracking, and resource planning. The presentation will conclude with a look at what’s next for future enhancements within its EcoSys environment.
Allison Martenak& Brittany Lawson
Gulf Interstate
What’s New with EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls)?

This session discusses the latest updates to the EcoSys EPC project controls platform. We’ll demonstrate the new features and give insights into the best use and application of the enhanced functionality. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on the newest mobile capabilities and how they aid in faster sharing of better information. We will discuss our new contract management module.
Neely Hemassi